For People Feeling Stressed, Uncomfortable, Worried, Failing, Anxious, Puzzled About Money...

5 of The Most Troubling, Hidden, Underlying Beliefs About Money, And How To
Question Them So You Can Make Money Your Friend

From The Desk of Grace Bell

Dear Inquirers,

If you're noticing your feelings about MONEY are less than relaxed...then join me for a free webinar recorded in December 2013, to learn what you believe about money, how it comes and goes in your life, and dissolve your unhappy relationship with it at a deep level.


What painful experiences or ideas you may be confusing with money. You will then get to inquire into one very common belief using The Work of Byron Katie, a powerful method of questioning that can help shift your entire experience from discouragement, fear or total freedom. This is about becoming conscious about your own hidden agendas and thoughts. Without questioning these stressful thoughts, there will be no change in your relationship with money.

You will also learn a collection of Belief Clusters about money and how you might explore them further on your own, to deepen your awareness and personal freedom.

I once had a frightened, abandoned feeling all the time about money. I questioned my thinking, and watched my life transform with money before my very eyes.

You can have a peaceful, joyful life with money coming and going in ways that are satisfying, kind and loving. Not fearful. 

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Grace Bell